106BOOM, an urban-art movement, creates urban-mutations by combining various material parts (body, constructions, fabric, whatever...) into a new entity; The original parts' functionalities and features challenge new conception and meaning in the urban-life: Could an intimate/private/fragile body merge with a mega-urban/concrete-glass icon, into one new being?

The beginning of 106BOOM's activity was the invention of the 're-cycle video-art' project, which uniquely brings digital video-art to public places; Basically, this project made out of a pair of grounded bicycle, which turns on a screen of video-art by the electric-power of the viewer pedaling. The 're-cycle video-art' set up at various places in Tel Aviv since Oct. 2007.

EliusCorpus - the autonomous body

106BOOMs' works deal with urban themes and icons through a dialog between the individual body parts and the artificial urban surrounding; The created mutations, as a new entities, search for a new meaning in the tens-sexual-rim of the urban-life. As a new artificial entity, the mutation refers to the urban structure as a being - like a mirror of itself. It is a physical mechanism that radiates on our conscious, subconscious and on the symbiosis between the individual and his concrete and glass surroundings.

why 106 boom ?

106 = the dialing number for interacting with the municipality nerve system in the holy-land. important observation: the soul system of the city are the urban people; the control system is, unfortunately, unreachable.
BOOM = rapid prosperity or/and exploding up

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contact: 106boom@gmail.com