October 11, 2009

in-sight out exhibition

Exhibition Opening

As art transfers to Street Art & Street Art steps inside.
The second exhibition at Apart.art - 'Insight out', expands the examination of borders.

About the exhibition:

'Insight out' narrows the border between in and out, between the street and the indoors.

Rotem Ritmus invites Elius Corpus to share the space and co-expose self mutations.
The encounter reveals post-ups of new compositions between his and her mutations: a re-built of the artists' body parts.

Eli Waserman, also known as 106BOOM, invented a solution of bringing digital art to public places with his project 're-cycle video-art'.
A pair of bicycle was set at various places in Tel Aviv.
By pedaling the grounded bicycle a battery transmits power to the screen and the video art begins to roll.
"Insight out" collects this digital street Media into Apart.Art's gallery space as a video installation.

Elius Corpus- the autonomous body.
In his videos 106BOOM deals with urban themes and icons through a dialog between mutations made out of his own body parts.
The mutation refers to the urban structure as a being. It is a physical mechanism that radiates on our conscious, subconscious and on the symbiosis between the individual and his concrete and glass surroundings.

During the past year, the project was exposed to a large scale of viewers around Tel Aviv and had 2 appearances in 'Haair' newspaper.

No sense seeking humanity-
Rotem Ritmus is a self mutation in seek of humaneness in cold urban environments. It represents that role of the observer that is bound to be defined as a freak; not being one in a crowd of people, but somehow the only bit of humaneness around.

Both feeling out of place, Rotem Ritmus hovers as an outsider over the environment Elius Corpus is encage in.

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